Life can sometimes feel difficult

We are all living in a fast paced world, maybe working long hours or struggling with the commitments of work, family and social networking, which put increasing demands on us. The pressure of attaining the right work/life balance can sometimes feel overwhelming especially during times of increased stress due to life events.

You may need time
to reconnect

The stress of everyday life may have caused you to become anxious or have low mood after family or work difficulties or a bereavement. You may be feeling lost within yourself and the world or struggling with your identity and not know how to move forward.

You are
not alone

I can provide the time and the space for you to focus on the experiences and relationships that have had an impact on your life. You may want to focus on issues that are currently worrying you and/or look into past events, in order to move towards a place which is calmer, with reduced stress and a clearer mind.